In 2019-2021 – the starting of a diplomatic endeavor with Lebanon’s historical friends starting with the Holy See, the League of Arab States, the United Nations and the Arab countries and the partners in the international community to deepen the reflection on the nature of the existential threat facing Lebanon as a country, and the communities living together – all working together to help free the country from all types of occupation.
Also, the CIH strengthened the cooperation with the diaspora and contributed, with 8 American organizations, founded by Lebanese, in forming the Lebanese – American Coordinating Committee (LACC) in the United States of America, with the entire world as its jurisdiction and operational ground.

The Civic Influence Hub (CIH) is the Lebanese advisory organization to the Lebanese American Coordinating Committee (LACC) that represents a coalition of eight Lebanese-American organizations working together to support Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence, and democracy. Visit LACC website

It does so by calling for the respect of the inherent rights of all Lebanese citizens, cherishing Lebanon’s diversity as an enriching factor, advocating to hold its leaders to higher standards of governance, ensuring that elections will happen freely, fairly, transparently, and on time, supporting a free and independent judiciary, and affirming that Lebanon’s security be maintained only through the legitimate Lebanese Armed and Security Forces. To advance its objectives, the LACC developed a set of principles which governs its operations and advocacy efforts with officials and decision-making centers in Washington, D.C. The LACC also partners with like-minded organizations in Lebanon and across the diaspora. Alongside its eight core member organizations, the LACC has formed a robust Advisory Committee comprising experts across various fields who can guide the Committee’s work.

The Lebanese American organizations that are working together are:

Assembly for Lebanon (AFL)
Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership (LARP)
Lebanese Information Center (LIC)
Our New Lebanon (ONL)
Shields of United Lebanon (SOUL)
World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU)
Lebanese For Lebanon Foundation (LFLF)
The American Lebanese Policy Institute- Political Action Committee (ALPI-PAC)
Lebanese Partner Organization: Civic Influence Hub (CIH)