On October 17, 2019 tens of thousands of Lebanese citizens took to the streets to protest against a corrupt confessional system in the country demanding accountability and reform. Consequently the CIH mobilized to support the efforts of the revolution through setting up a big tent in Azarieh square aimed at creating a space for dialogue where people could exchange experience and expertise. Forty five different sessions were held covering economic, social, political and cultural issues facing the country and ideas on how to move forward towards a Lebanon that meets our aspirations.

مع الرسالة الى وزارة الداخلية

رسالة الى وزارة الداخلية

رسالة الى وزيرة الداخلية السيّدة ريّا حفار الحسن بعدما تمّ الاعتداء يومي الاربعاء والخميس 11 و12 كانون الاول الجاري، على...

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