Richard Noujaim

Born in 1954 in Tripoli, Richard Noujaim is holder of triple citizenships: French, American and Lebanese. He owes his fluency in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Dutch to his rich background. Starting with school at the Collège des Frères, Tripoli, followed by a BSc. and MSc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois, then MBA from INSEAD in 1985.

Richard started his career in 1978 as Manager of Advanced Manufacturing at Xerox, USA, before moving to KSA, Ministry of Planning, where he acted as Econometric Analyst in 1982-1983. After INSEAD, he took the position of Strategic Planner at the BT Corp. headquarters in Amsterdam. In 1990, BT moved him to their Heidelberg, France, subsidiary as its Marketing Director. In 1994 he was appointed Sales & Marketing director of AM International, France, then Division Manager of Brother France.  From 1998 to 2016, he has been International Director at Arrow Electronics, covering multiple European countries, plus Morocco and Middle East. Since, he acts as independent consultant.