Founder and Chairman of BUTEC Corporation which was founded in 1966 and has become one of the leading construction companies in Lebanon and the Middle East with offices in Algeria, France, Germany, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.
Prior to this leadership position, Younes was a Senior Partner and Managing Director at BUTEC; he was member of the High Commission at the Ministry of Planning, an economic and engineering consultant, as well as a lecturer at Saint Joseph and the Lebanese Universities on the business and engineering faculties.
On the national front he was the first president of the National Alliance of University Students in Lebanon. He ran for parliament in 2000, a very active community activist and a national civic leader who is constantly working for a secular Lebanese Republic. He has participated in many panels, written many articles, and published three books about his vision for a modern Lebanese state with strong institutions: “The Road to the State”, “The Future Parliament”, “The Other Lebanon” and “Letter to Alma”.
Younes received his PhD from Ecole des Mines in Economic Sciences and his master’s degree in science from the University of Lyon in France. He has received several honors and recognition including the Lebanese Presidential Honor at the American University of Beirut. He supports several philanthropic causes including the Maronite Institute.